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Staying in touch with novelties means staying focused - hence I don't do everything - I specialize. Progressive accomplishments since 2007, in the field of delivering products for the media and advertising. I have experience in each step of releasing a web and mobile applications: from mapping user experience, throughout designing graphics, releasing and maintaining. Developing lightweight, user-centric applications, with responsive web design and progressive enhancement in mind. I also provide documentation and training. Deliver speeches at workshops and conferences: Austria, United Kingdom, USA; both to professional and academic audience. References available on request.

In my free time I enjoy beating other people while training martial arts, sweating like hell while doing squats, freeriding snowboard off the slopes, freezing in deep water while surfing and sailing.


I enjoy working with small business companies, but I try to avoid very small projects, because my work process doesn't go well at a small scale. Likewise, I also pass on very large projects, because they're just not that much fun to work on. For everything in between, drop me a line.

References available on request.

Maciej Wolniak - internet services

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